Co-Habitation, Berlin

Spreepark Soundscape – A Sonic Multispecies Structure
SILENT GREEN KULTURQUARTIER, 12. 6. 2021, 15:00-19:00

With: Marcus Maeder
In conjunction with an artist residency at Spreepark in Berlin-Treptow, sound artist Marcus Maeder has been observing the soundscape of this former East German amusement park for the past year. After years of neglect, the park will soon reopen as a recreational space at the intersection of nature, culture/art, and education. In a sound performance lasting several hours, Marcus Maeder will develop and unfold a musical ecosystem of Spreepark. Field recordings from the site will interact with electronic sounds that are triggered and controlled by the recorded environmental sounds. Maeder sees his sound work as an immersive, sonic multispecies structure.
The artist residency by Marcus Maeder takes place in the context of Cohabitation in cooperation with Spreepark / Grün Berlin under the artistic direction of Katja Aßmann.
Admission with exhibition ticket